Friday, December 23, 2011

Friday Open Thread

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Hey Everyone! TGIF and Happy Holidays!

Feel free to share whatever is on your mind!


  1. Dollars in the door, Biatchez! Oh, and happy holidays...

  2. So I made the idiot move of giving a client my cell phone number. Now I'm trying to train him by never answering it when he calls and then calling him back from the office. So far it hasn't been successful.

  3. 9:01,

    He will learn when he gets his bill in January. In the meantime, .1, .1, .1, .1, .1, .1, .1, .1, .1, .1, .1, .1, .1, .1, .1, .1, .1, .1.

    Bill away, my friend.

  4. Just finished taking the Festivus pole out of the crawl space and erecting it. Preparing for the "Airing of the Grievances" to be followed by the "Feats of Strength".

    Happy Festivus

  5. I always give my client a cell number, it part of good service. However, I ask that it only be used in emergencies. If it not an emergency I tell them I bill double. If it is an emergency I bill as usual. I am, of course the final arbiter of what constitues an emergency

  6. @10:17
    I agree that it constitutes good service to give a client your cell phone number, but there are clients who abuse it.

    Also, is it reasonable of me to expect my firm to pay for my cell phone if clients are going to call me on it? The firm makes money every time I bill for a call on my cell phone.

  7. What's going on with bonus numbers, nerds? I was shafted--bastards only gave me $85,000.00 bonus cash plus the base model breitling watch. Thats the last time I'm billing 1850 in a year if that's all I'm getting for a bonus.

  8. For that kind of a yeoman effort you should have at least received the Chromomat Evolution rather than the cheap Avenger model.