Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Clark County District Attorney David Roger to Retire

As a commenter pointed out yesterday afternoon (thanks for the tip!), the LVRJ is reporting that long-time Clark County District Attorney David Roger plans to retire from his position on Jan. 3, 2012, and may make a formal announcement on the subject as early as today.

Rumor has it that after his "retirement" Roger might join the Las Vegas Police Protective Association, the union that represents about nearly 3,000 police officers, as a general counsel.

There are quite a few entertaining comments on the LVRJ website, if you are interested..


  1. David Roger just confirmed his retirement in the Paper That Shall Not Be Named. The paper also quotes Steve Wolfson as being "very interested in the job." This seems to support the speculation reported yesterday. Teresa Lowry is also named as "seeking" the appointment to replace her boss. Seems to me the office could use a change in direction, so I'm a strong proponent of the "new blood" model, especially in government positions. Discuss.

  2. I like new blood too. I like new blood for elected positions through elections.

    Wolfson is obviously a politician in his role as a City Councilperson who (to paraphrase a line from a movie), when he is not kissing babies is stealing their lollipops. The names that I would have suspected to arise are Lalli and Daskas.

  3. Does anyone have any tips/suggestions for someone interviewing @ PD's office next week?

  4. Be a hot 20 something female.