Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thursday News Roundup!

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On Monday, Las Vegas attorney David Amesbury pleaded guilty for his role in the well-publicised scheme to fraudulently gain control of condominium homeowners’ associations (HOAs) in the Las Vegas area so that the HOAs would direct business to a certain law firm and construction company, and for his role in a scheme to commit bank fraud.
According to the DOJ website, Amesbury, pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud and one count of conspiracy to commit bank fraud.  Amesbury is the eighth person to plead guilty in connection with the scheme to defraud HOAs in the Las Vegas area.  Amesbury also pleaded guilty to participating in a scheme to submit false information to a bank with the intention of obtaining a bank loan for a café in downtown Las Vegas of which he was an owner.

As a tipster pointed out: the ABA website has the details here.

I wonder how Amesbury's wife is handling all this? 

The Righthaven beat-down continues - most recently on Wednesday when U.S. District Judge Roger Hunt ordered Righthaven to pay nearly $120,000 in attorney fees and court costs after yet another  infringement lawsuit was dismissed because Righthaven apparently lacks standing to bring its copyright suits on behalf of LVRJ owner Stephens Media LLC.


  1. Has everyone sent in their judge ratings? I just did.

  2. I'm generally a live and let live sort of guy; but that Elizabeth Quillen severence package just bugs me. She got more in severance than most first-year lawyers make for actually working. Bitch.

  3. Yep, also sent in my ratings. I only wish that voters paid attention to the retention ratings...

  4. Ha! If voters paid attention to the retention ratings (or did even minimal research into the qualifications of judicial candidates), 2/3 of the current bench would be doing something other than being a judge.

    Hear that Israel, Walsh, Vega, Miley?

  5. The local paper That Must Not Be Named is reporting David Roger will be stepping down from office on or about January 3, 2012, three years before his current term ends. The suspicion is that he will take a position with the PPA as in-house counsel. (Cue conspiracy theories.) Discuss.

  6. Is it time to report my rant about irregular verbs/ Please, please, please dispense with the colorless New Speak. Pled, not pleaded.