Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday Open Thread

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What's happening?

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

And The Survey Says...

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Ok, so the LV Sun just ran a story about how the Senate Joint Economic Committee (a bipartisan group of 20 members of the House and Senate) recently put out a report claiming that Nevada had the "biggest drop in wages" compared to all states - 11.9%, between 2007 and 2010

This story made me wonder, does this trend hold true for the Las Vegas legal community?  Perhaps we can conduct a study of our own.  What do you make now?  What did you make in 2007?  Has your employment situation changed during this time period?  If so, how?  

Friday, September 23, 2011

Congratulations, Carolyn Ellsworth

Yesterday, Governor Sandoval appointed Carolyn Ellsworth to serve as a Clark County District Court Judge, at least until elections in November, 2012.  Judge Ellsworth fills in the vacancy left by Judge Jackie Glass, who resigned to star in the TV show "Swift Justice."

Word on the street is that Ellsworth was most recently the administrator of the securities division in the Secretary of State’s office. Prior to working with the SOS, Ellsworth served as assistant general counsel to Mirage Resorts and vice president of Mirage Resorts Risk Management team.  Ellsworth also used to work for the Clark County District Attorney’s office.  That seems like a fairly impressive, albeit somewhat plaintiff oriented, resume to me.

What do you all think?  Does anyone have any experience with Judge Ellsworth? 

 More information on this national story can be found: here. Seriously, the Houston Chronicle is even reporting on Ellsworth.  Must be a slow news day in Texas...

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ready, Set, Gossip

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Attention lurkers and trolls: its time to step it up.  This particular blog is a two-way street, and I can't always be the source of the posting fodder, ya heard?

So, lets hear the gossip.  Who's merging?  Who's struggling?  Who's hiring?  Who's firing?  Who's being mean to you?  Who's being nice to you?  Who recently kicked your butt in court?

Who's going to CPK's annual party on October 14Who wants to rehash their favorite memories from prior CPK bashes?

Who knows how the Hep-C trial is going?

Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday Open Thread!

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TGIF! I apologize for neglecting my posting duties for the past few weeks.  I have a good excuse, I promise, I just can't tell you what it is..

Anyway, here's a conversation starter from a tipster: 

Has your firm come up with "creative ways" to conserve resources in these difficult economic times?  

For instance, have the Friday afternoon happy hours been scaled back?  Have discretionary bonuses dried up?  Has the toilet paper in your bathroom gone missing?  I have it on good information that the later was/is being considered by at least one local firm.  Yikes!   

And, in other [legitimate] news, the LVRJ just broke the story about a "major rift" between the U.S. Attorneys Office and the Clark County District Attorneys Office over the Nancy Quon-related construction defect/HOA criminal investigation.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Nice Guy and His Money are Soon Parted..

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Wow, this is a good one.  So the website Deadspin recently broke a story about a "multi-talented" woman named Hannah Cornett and an unnamed and apparently "unlucky fella whose credit card absorbed the $20,626.61 in charges [that Cornett allegedly] racked up at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas this past May."

A local attorney named William Kennedy has been retained by said unlucky chap to try and sort this mess out.  Good luck with that!

 Thanks for the story, tipster!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Social Media v. Lawsuits

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VegasInc recently reported on the interesting lawsuit between Carrie Zeravica and the New York - New York Hotel and Casino, which stems from a 2007 shooting at the casino that injured 5 people.

Zeravica sued NY-NY after being shot, alleging that lax security was responsible for a number of permanent injuries (an alleged permanent leg injury from a gunshot requiring her to wear a brace and that she has allegedly suffered severe emotional distress with fear and anxiety about being in crowded places and being alone).

What makes this case interesting, is that NY-NY recently sought private MySpace and Facebook posts through discovery to determine if Zeravica really is permanently injured, as she claims.

According to the article, NY-NY attorneys have surveillance footage from a private investigator showing, among other things, Zeravica allegedly "depositing a large trash bag into a garbage can, and then departing for a concert with a large cooler.  At the concert, she walked half a mile up a hill to the stadium entrance, the investigator reported.  In the parking lot before the concert, plaintiff is seen drinking beer, talking with friends and tailgating."

Allegedly, NY-NY also has at least partial MySpace postings in which Zeravica's mood is listed as "Sooooo excited" and she posted on another page that she had been having "so much fun doing everything!!" 

Now, it looks like NY-NY's attorneys have sought to compel the production of all Zeravica's Facebook and MySpace postings and pictures since 2007. 

So, what did you all learn from this story?  Has anyone had this discovery issue come up in an local state court case?  If so, how did it turn out for you?

Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday Open Thread!

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Sorry for the lack of posts this week, everyone.  Next week I'll be back at it again, I promise.  In the meantime, what's going on out there?

Also, does anyone have any thoughts on the three finalists for the EDCR seat left vacant by Jackie Glass?  Apparently, Governor Sandoval will soon appoint the new judge from this list:

Michael Davidson, 57, Las Vegas, with Kolesar & Leatham
Carolyn Ellsworth, 56, Las Vegas, Nevada Secretary of State’s Office
Adriana Escobar, 52, Las Vegas, Attorney General’s Office, Fraud Unit

Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday Open Thread!

What's going on out there? Any good Labor Day plans?

Anyone want to rant about the partner making you work past 3 today or even over the weekend?