Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Eagle Feathers

  • There have been a flurry of filings in the execution case before the Supreme Court. [Las Vegas Sun]
  • What is going on at the PD's office? [RJ]
  • Here's a profile on Greg Brower. [Vegas Inc.]
  • New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo recently learned it is illegal for non-Native Americans to possess bald eagle feathers. [LasVegasNow]
  • You can get a free half credit of addiction CLE if you attend the civil bench bar meeting today. [eighthjdcourt blog]

Monday, August 13, 2018

Back To School 2018

  • A federal judge rejected a drug maker's request to block Nebraska from using its drugs in an execution next week. [Washington Post]
  • Meanwhile, the Nevada Supreme Court is stepping in on the issue here in Nevada. [FoxReno]
  • A tech billionaire and crime victims' advocate (whose sister is the namesake of Marsy's law) was arrested in Las Vegas for drug trafficking. [NBCNews]
  • The Las Vegas City Council is set to vote on building a new courthouse for its municipal courts. [RJ]
  • Stephen Stubbs is resorting to public shaming to get legislative support. [Nevada Current]

Thursday, August 9, 2018

The Grand Opening Of I-11 Bypass

  • A reader wants to know what measures your firm has taken with regard to cyber security. Apparently, some firms in town have been hit by hackers and taken for cyber ransom. Do you have a plan in place? Are you the victim of breach? Here is a recent article about legal cybersecurity from the National Law Review for your consideration.
  • Judge Joe Hardy got after Metro for withholding public records requested by the RJ regarding sex trafficking and prostitution. [RJ]
  • The lewdness case against Mark Peplowski was dismissed. [RJ]
  • The City of Henderson is hiring four firms (Garman Turner Gordon LLP; Peterson Baker PLLC; Holley, Driggs, Walch, Fine, Wray, Puzey, and Thompson; and Snell and Wilmer LLP) at $350/hr for attorneys and $100/hr for paralegals in the lawsuit brought by former police chief Patrick Moers. [RJ]
  • An SEC filing reveals that outgoing Wynn general counsel Kim Sinatra is getting a $1.8 million settlement; it also reveals that her successor Ellen Whittemore will be paid $600K a year plus benefits. [RJ]
  • The I-11 bypass will open today cutting about 30 minutes off the trip to Arizona. [news3LV
  • We're going to take advantage of that bypass opening and get out of Vegas to enjoy this last weekend before school starts. We'll be back next week. Remember to watch out for school kids on Monday morning!

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Gov's Getting Married

  • Governor Brian Sandoval is getting married this weekend. [TNI]
  • Danny Tarkanian, represented by Marc Randazza, sent a cease and desist letter to Susie Lee, represented by Todd Bice. [TNI]
  • The DA race is over, but the push for reform of the bail system isn't. [Nevada Current]

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Student Council For Adults

In the sports-themed August Nevada Lawyer, Richard Pocker uses his message from the president to talk about the team sport of bar leadership. He writes, "There is a tired, inaccurate myth that state bar leadership and politics are nothing more than student council for adults, populated by insider cliques who only look out for themselves." He then goes on to say why that is not true today and invites "all of you to join the debate and search for solutions, regardless of where you stand on the issues." Thoughts, comments, questions?

Monday, August 6, 2018

Facts Of Life

  • Federal court caseloads in Nevada grow as vacancies on the bench go unfilled.  [RJ]
  • Judge Rob Bare denied a motion by CCSD to vacate an arbitration award in favor of teachers. [eighthjdcourt blog]
  • Did the new  Clark County administrator of human services violate ethics law? [RJ]
  • There have been 12 arrests so far as the rape test kit backlog gets reduced. [news3LV]
  • The mother accused of killing a four-year old boy was going to be released on her own recognizance by Pro Tem Justice Court Judge Jeannie Hua. [LasVegasNow]
  • If you want to apply to be a pro tem in Justice Court, the deadline is August 15. [CCBA]

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Identity Theft Central

  • DA Steve Wolfson wants to conduct a public review so that people understand why the grand jury did not indict an ex-Metro officer in the death of Tashii Brown. [LasVegasNow]
  • The Nevada Supreme Court said inmates aren't getting a healthy diet. [Nevada Appeal]
  • Here's a look at probation, parole, and the Day Reporting Center. [TNI]
  • Nevada is the top state for people to become victims of identity theft. [Las Vegas Sun]
  • The City of Las Vegas hired the Eglet firm to sue opioid makers. [RJ]

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Old Las Vegas Lore

  • One of our readers tipped us off about a recent 9th Circuit opinion finding the Nevada Supreme Court in error and retelling the fascinating facts of the case involving a bank robbery, Mexico, torture, FBI agents, Judge Jack Lehman, an intolerable risk of bias, and [then] attorney David Wall. 
  • Any other tales of old Las Vegas you want to share?

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Preclude Emotional Displays

  • At law firms, rainmakers accused of harassment can switch jobs with ease. [WSJ-sub. req'd]
  • Are law firm panels really the wave of the future? [Law.com]
  • Expiring drugs means time is of the essence in the State's efforts to execute Scott Dozier. [TNI]
  • What it takes to be a trial lawyer if you're not a man. [The Atlantic]

Monday, July 30, 2018

The Kitchen, The Bedroom, And The Courtoom

  • The Nevada Supreme Court said the Nevada Commission on Judicial Discipline can go forward with a hearing about Washoe County Family Court Judge Charles Weller over his comment that a woman's place was the kitchen and bedroom. [Nevada Appeal]
  • UNLV immigration lawyer Laura Barrera shows its not easy trying to reunite parent with child in the ICE maze. [RJ; TNI]
  • Here are opposing opinion pieces from Elizabeth Thompson and John L. Smith regarding MGM's legal strategy of suing the victims of the October 1 shooting. [TNI]
  • For those of you catching up, here is Aaron Ford talking about his college arrests. [LasVegasNow]