Friday, May 17, 2019

Not Even Close

  • MGM Resorts told federal regulators it might pay up to $800 million to settle suits related to the October 1 shooting. The media reported it as close to settlement. Robert Eglet said, "Not even close." [News3LV]
  • The fate of several bills hangs in the balance today as the Nevada Legislature must vote the bills out of committee. [TNI]
  • Congrats to the members of the Boyd Class of '19 that graduate today. 

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Managing Student Loans

Student loans have been back in the headlines recently with Senator Elizabeth Warren proposing cancelling student loan debt. Today, the director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau said the Department of Education is getting in the way of efforts to police the student loan industry. Obviously, student loans have an impact on most lawyers entering the profession today. What are your thoughts and tips on dealing with student loans (other than don't take them, since it's too late for that). Should you pay them off quickly, slowly, consolidate them? Should they be dischargeable in bankruptcy?

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Take My Own Advice

  • The Supreme Court of Nevada says Justice of the Peace Melanie Andress-Tobiasson doesn't have to answer written questions from the Commission on Judicial Discipline under oath before formal charges are filed against her. [Baltimore Post-Examiner]
  • Is this the last we'll hear of Alexis Plunkett? She got three years probation yesterday.  She is seeking to change her name and plans to move to Ohio. [RJ]
  • Legislators are still pushing to get things passed before the next deadline, including a bill affecting construction defects. [TNI]
  • Three people were charged in a scam that swindled an attorney out of $1.5 million. [RJ]

Tuesday, May 14, 2019


  • Things are hearting up in the legislature with the deadline for bills to pass out of their second committee rapidly approaching. [TNI]
  • The Supreme Court issued a Nevada related decision yesterday in Franchise Tax Board of California v. Hyatt. [SCOTUS blog]
  • Not Nevada, but an interesting read:  Accused of "Terrorism" for Putting Legal Materials Online." [NY Times]
  • From a press release:

Chief Justice Mark Gibbons has announced Nevada attorneys interested in becoming a judge in Clark County District Court, Dept. 8, may apply from May 13, 2019, through June 7, 2019. The Nevada Commission on Judicial Selection has begun accepting applications for the judgeship made available by the retirement of the Honorable Doug Smith. Attorneys with 10 years of legal experience and two years of Nevada residency are encouraged to apply for the opening. Applications are due by 5 p.m., June 7, 2019, and can be found at The Commission is planning to interview applicants to fill the vacant position on July 15 – 16, at the Nevada Supreme Court Building in Las Vegas. The public can watch the interviews and offer comment. After the June 7 deadline, background investigations will take place for each applicant. After the interviews, the Commission will deliberate and nominate up to three applicants for consideration by Governor Steve Sisolak.

Monday, May 13, 2019

Que Sera Sera

  • AG Aaron Ford and 43 other state AGs filed suit against Teva Pharmaceuticals and 19 other generic drug makers. [News3LV]
  • The US Supreme Court is allowing an antitrust suit to go forward against Apple regarding its app store. [Las Vegas Sun]
  • Governor Sisolak signed SB 32 into law making available (on the Nevada Department of Taxation website) a trove of information about marijuana licensees and the process for how the license are awarded. [KOLO]
  • Nevada Regents take advantage of the $2,500 NSHE "hosting accounts" to wine and dine various people--sometimes family, sometimes campaign donors, and sometimes Boyd law professors. [RJ]
  • Have you heard the story of the man who has been on death row for the second longest amount of time in Nevada and why he is called the "most dangerous man in Nevada?" [News3LV]

Friday, May 10, 2019

The Perfect Weekend Getaway

  • Sean Claggett is representing a family that is suing their HOA and property management company over the death of their daughter. [Fox5Vegas]
  • Scandal at the Southern Nevada Regional Housing Authority? [Las Vegas Sun]
  • Details about a school funding formula, sure to give some attorneys more work, are starting to be revealed. [TNI]
  • We've discussed this before, but one of the readers wants your suggestions for a budget friendly weekend getaway--preferably somewhere quieter than Las Vegas. Suggestions already include Brianhead and Big Bear. Any other suggestions?

Thursday, May 9, 2019


The February bar exam results show a 57% passage rate. That means some new competition coming to town. And based on yesterday's comments, it seems that scares some of you. Not necessarily the new lawyers, but more the thought of increased competition that might come from reciprocity. As part of its 2018-2020 Strategic Plan, the Nevada Bar is examining reciprocity to determine what makes sense for Nevada. The discussion already started yesterday, but as divisive as the topic of reciprocity is, what is the solution? Can we simply continue to say no? If we do, are we looking out for our own best interests or is it really in the best interest of the public? What should the Board of Governors do before making a decision/recommendation on reciprocity?

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Change Can Be Uncomfortable

  • A convicted murderer who has been on death row for 34 years was back in court Monday seeking to reduce his sentence. [KOMO]
  • Here's the latest on the criminal justice reform bill trying to make its way through the Nevada legislature. [TNI]
  • A 9th Circuit ruling says the Trump administration can make asylum seekers wait in Mexico while the policy is challenged in court. [Las Vegas Sun]
  • Allegiant Air filed to trademark the name "Allegiant Stadium." Possibly the new home of the Raiders? [RJ]
  • Since July of 2018, CCSD police have confiscated 53 guns--creating serious cases for the DA. [LasVegasNow]
  • One of the plaintiffs challenging the Texas bar writes about challenging mandatory bar dues. [City Journal]

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

The Nevada Preference

  • Ulrich Smith killed himself in an apparent murder-suicide last week. [RJ]
  • Security company, Securitas, sued over two deaths involving guards. [RJ]
  • The most Eglet Prince could get under its contract with the State of Nevada for the opioid lawsuit is $350 million if recovered damages are above $1.5 billion. Plus, a fascinating look into how the AG's former firm was selected. [TNI]
  • Two dispensaries are seeking an injunction to stop licenses issued in Dec. 2018. [LasVegasNow]
  • From big law to legal blogging to legal recruiting? That's the career trajectory of Above the Law founding editor David Lat who is moving on to work for Lateral Link. [Above the Law]

Monday, May 6, 2019

We're Cool

  • Mixed messages about the TSA and marijuana, but a local ordinance forbidding marijuana at the airport makes it a little easier here. [Forbes]
  • Minor traffic violations can lead to deportation. [TNI]
  • Las Vegas assemblyman strives to overhaul Nevada's criminal justice system. [Las Vegas Sun]
  • Not Nevada, but a long-running housing discrimination case outlived a judge who died at 96. [LasVegasNow]