Thursday, September 16, 2021

Discovery Doctrine

  • UNLV law students get to help those burdened with misdemeanor cases. [Las Vegas Sun]
  • Warring Clark County GOP factions--with a recent ruling by Judge Susan Johnson--plan separate meetings. [RJ]
  • Nevada AG Aaron Ford joined an amicus brief in the DOJ suit challenging Texas abortion law. [Fox5Vegas]
  • Who's running your HOA? [Nevada Current]
  • Will Thacker Pass be another Keystone? [Nevada Current]

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

The World Of Probate

Someone mentioned in the comments yesterday that Probate Commissioner Wesley Yamashita is retiring on November 15. More commented about the mess that will be left in the wake of his retirement. Any other thoughts on the world of probate law in Vegas? Who is your go to person for referrals when a friend asks for someone to handle a probate case? Do you have your own estate in order? Did you draft your own estate planning documents? Have you used LegalZoom to do it? Any other major developments in that area of law that the rest of us should be aware of in our own practices?

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Abandoning The Confines Of Their Offices

  • Today's civil bench-bar meeting will feature Justice Hardesty talking about ADKT 581 and remote appearances. [CCBA]
  • Here's a look at what was spent on lobbying the Nevada Legislature in 2021. [TNI]
  • Advocates and 2 women sue in bid to close Nevada's legal brothels. [Las Vegas Sun; RJ]
  • Here's the latest on Scott Gragson. [RJ]
  • A man who served time for the Bunkerville standoff is suing federal officials for $100 million. [RJ]

Monday, September 13, 2021

The Autumn Wind

  • Judge Michael Villani dismissed murder charges against a woman accused of driving over her boyfriend and killing him. [RJ]
  • Small businesses grapple with employee vaccination. [TNI]
  • If you didn't read these Northern District of Illinois deposition rules shared in the comments the other day, you should check them out. 
  • It's finally time for Monday Night Football in Las Vegas. [KTNV]

Friday, September 10, 2021

20 Years Later

  • The Nevada Supreme Court heard argument on whether elected officials can hold public jobs. [Las Vegas Sun; RJ
  • Man who killed homeless man sentenced to 18 years. [New To Las Vegas]
  • NFL season gets under way with new lawyers filling the ranks. [Bloomberg Law]
  • Tomorrow marks 20 years since September 11, 2001. Never forget.

Thursday, September 9, 2021

I'm Gonna Let You Go

  • Rural counties team up with law firm of gubernatorial candidate Joey Gilbert to oppose Covid restrictions. [TNI
  • President Biden will require federal workers to get the Covid vaccine. [RJ]
  • All 17 counties in Nevada will be subject to the indoor mask mandate by the end of the week. [Las Vegas Sun]
  • Richard Dreitzer says employees who refuse to get vaccinated may not qualify for unemployment. [KTNV]
  • The drama at Las Vegas City Hall between feuding councilwomen has escalated to involve lawyers. [RJ]
  • Felons face daunting obstacles to obtain access to housing after prison. [Las Vegas Sun]

Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Tax Streams

  • Netflix, Hulu score victory against taxation in Nevada federal court case. [Hollywood Reporter]
  • House prices in Las Vegas held steady last month, but didn't increase. [RJVegas Inc.]
  • The US Supreme Court is resuming in-person oral arguments this fall. [Las Vegas Sun]
  • Cancer patient details allegation of nurse sexually assaulting her in hospital bed. [8NewsNow]
  • If you're interested, LACSN has a number of urgent cases in need of pro bono attorneys. [LACSN
  • Las Vegas Justice Court has a judges meeting today.  Good time to remind you that they have a bench bar meeting tomorrow on the new Matterhorn program for traffic tickets. [CCBA]
  • Is there a limit to the number of sports teams Vegas can support? [RJ]

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

S'all In The Game

  • With Judge Elizabeth Gonzalez retiring from the bench today, cases are being reassigned.  Department 11 is no longer a business court department and her remaining business court cases were split between Judges Susan Johnson and Joanna Kishner, who are now both designated as business court departments. Some other reassignments were made as well so be sure and check for your cases. [eighthdcourt blog]
  • All Nevada Supreme Court oral arguments for September will be held via videoconference. [NVcourts]
  • Vegas ER doc says Covid patients are lining up in the hallways. [8NewsNow]
  • Not Vegas related, but a South Carolina attorney, whose wife and son were murdered in June, was grazed by a bullet over the weekend. Oh, and his firm is accusing him of taking money. [The Guardian]

Friday, September 3, 2021

Labor Day Weekend 2021

The end of summer is near and, judging by the lack of phone calls and email alerts this morniung, many of you are already out of the office for the long weekend. We hope you enjoy some downtime and do so in a safe and healthy manner. Please don't drive if you've been drinking. 

For those of you stuck in the office today, here are a few news items:

  • Local attorneys say employers can mandate vaccines. [News3LV]
  • The attorney for multiple January 6 riot defendants is missing. [ABA Journal]
  • Beginning January 1, Arizona is eliminating peremptory challenges of jurors. [Reuters]
  • What else is going on out there? Any big plans this weekend? Are you traveling out of state?

Thursday, September 2, 2021


  • CCSD Board authorizes employee Covid vaccine mandate. [TNI]
  • The new Texas abortion law could mean more Texans seeking them here. [TNI]
  • District Court Judge awards nearly $170,000 to pay lawyers in GOP tax case. [Nevada Appeal]
  • Nevada leads the nation in risk for mortgage fraud. [Nevada Current]
  • New lawsuit alleges Nevada troopers took $87,000 from a retired marine during a traffic stop. [RJ]
  • Park rangers ban inflatable pool toys at Lake Mead. [8NewsNow]

Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Job Tips: I'm So 'Cited

 A commenter yesterday offered the following tip:

Practice tip: when drafting a discovery motion or letter, look first for cases from Nevada state and federal courts and federal courts within the Ninth Circuit, and only cite cases from other courts if you can't find a Nevada or Ninth Circuit case supporting your position. I'm tired of reading and having to respond to briefs and letters that cite a 20 year old case from the Vermont Court of Appeals or an unpublished case from the District of Kansas. It tells me that you're either too lazy to look for a case from Nevada or Ninth Circuit courts or that you're making some novel argument that's been endorsed by only a couple courts in the country.

That got us thinking--what other tips, recommendations, or wishful thinking do you have to offer about legal writing in Nevada. Do you string cite? Do you start all your papers with COMES NOW? (Why?) Do you paste pictures into your briefs? Do you use footnotes? How often do you include tables of authorities or tables of content? Do you follow the rules on letters and numbers for exhibits depending on which party you are or do you just always use numbers? If you could convince the Vegas legal community to change one thing about how we write, what would it be?

Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Caldor Fire

  • Some medical clinics are hiring lawyers to improve patients' mental health. [KNPR]
  • Nevada marijuana licensing the focus of a federal investigation. [RJ]
  • Is it a crime to forge a vaccination card? [Nevada Current]
  • Home prices in Las Vegas continue to rise squeezing out Millennials looking to buy. [News3LV]
  • The Caldor Fire is approaching Lake Tahoe. [RGJLas Vegas Sun
  • Today is overdose awareness day. [KTNV]