Thursday, October 23, 2014

Magic Number Survey

You asked for it and here it begins. The Magic Number survey. For those of you not familiar, go visit the old Wild Wild Law blog and you'll see what we're talking about. We want to know what first year associates at your firm are making, as well as their billable hour requirement. These two pieces of information combined give us the salary per billable hour (or Magic Number) that is sometimes used by naive associates trying to determine where to work. (Of course, you know better, don't you....)

You can take our short survey by clicking here. You can take it multiple times if you have information about more than one firm. Do your best to be accurate. The great thing about this survey is that if we get conflicting information, we can just average it.

For those of you nervous about taking the survey, please know we value your privacy and anonymity. The survey results will tell us your answers, how long you took to answer the questions, and your IP address. We're only going to disclose your answers. If you're paranoid about your IP address disclosing too much about yourself, feel free to use an anonymizer or proxy server if you can figure that out.

Doing What Comes Naturally

  • The July bar results came out yesterday and were pretty dismal with only a 57% pass rate.  [Nevada Bar]
  • Governor Sandoval says Nevada will oppose en banc rehearing of the gay marriage case. [Fox5Vegas]
  • Did you ever wonder which Avvo highly rated lawyers were also Boyd grads? Wonder no more
  • Family Court Judge William Potter is getting some negative attention prior to the election due to a ruling on what happens to a child when his gay mother is deployed and his father is in another state. [RJ]
  • An assembly candidate who was ruled ineligible to run, but remains on the ballot because of the timing of the ruling, could still potentially be appointed if she gets more votes than her opponent. [RJ]
  • Here are some judicial endorsements from the Las Vegas Tribune.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


  • Judge Abbi Silver set bail at $1 million for a pimp accused of torturing a prostitute. [RJ]
  • Will overpopulation in county jails lead to less bookings? It already has. [RJ]
  • Ride-sharing app Uber is getting ready to launch in Las Vegas. [8NewsNow]
  • Meanwhile, the Nevada Taxicab Authority approved an 8% increase in cab fares. [Fox5Vegas]
  • The Life is Beautiful festival is affecting downtown with road closures. [KNPRnews]
Sometime in the last day we hit 800,000 page views. We just want to say thanks for reading and contributing. As always, if you have any suggestions, let us know. (Unless it's the idea about looking at magic numbers--we're already working on that.)

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

No Business Like Show Business

  • Something about Clark County government just makes people want to be on tv. District Attorney Steve Wolfson will be presenting a proposal he has been working for six months to County Commissioners. He hopes to get you excited by suggesting you might be able to recreate your role for tv! [RJ]
  • Justice of the Peace Melanie Andress-Tobiasson is embroiled in a same-sex divorce case where she granted an order for which she didn't have jurisdiction. Uh-oh! [8NewsNow]
  • Can anybody offer any insight into what is going on with the new Justice Court e-file site and Wiznet?

Monday, October 20, 2014

Super Seal

  • Federal prosecutors got in trouble with US Magistrate Cam Ferenbach over their use of "super seal" to seize assets without giving notice. [RJ]
  • Can you get a summons through email? [8NewsNow]
  • The Miller v. Laxalt race for Attorney General is heating up. [RGJ]

Friday, October 17, 2014

Early Voting Begins

It's finally time to start voting. After a long 10 months of anticipation, early voting opens tomorrow. Regardless of whether you think you should wait until Election Day in the unlikely event of an October surprise, people will start voting tomorrow. Now is your chance to step up and influence the votes of your friends and family. If you feel strongly that certain candidates should or should not be elected, let others know. The most frustrating thing about Nevada's elected judiciary is that uniformed voters don't know who to choose and some, instead of leaving it blank, just pick a name. Remember that every vote counts. We've covered all of the Eighth Judicial District Court races. If someone asks you who should I vote for or who should be elected to the bench, offer them some resources like Vote411,, or {shudder} even our unscientific polls and anonymous comments.

If you're not comfortable suggesting candidates others should vote for, we suggest you consider making a recommendation to others to vote YES on Ballot Question 1 regarding the creation of a court of appeals in Nevada. If you need more information on that, start here.

Finally, remember that your vote doesn't count if you don't vote. Make sure you go vote!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Job Tips: When You've Been Unemployed

One of our readers wants to know your recommendations for the best way to deal with a period of unemployment on your resume. Whether you took a year off to travel the world or were unceremoniously fired for failing to meet expectations, how do you explain those gaps to future employers? Do you leave it off the resume and explain it if they ask? Do you put an explanation on the resume? If you were fired, how do you explain it in a way that doesn't just make you or your previous employer look bad?

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

So Stipulated

  • David Olson, the Boulder City city attorney who was designated as an expert witness for his son in a suit against the City for unlawful arrest, entered into a stipulated agreement with the Nevada Commission on Ethics listing out all the things he did wrong and fining him $1500. [Nevada Commission on Ethics]
  • Here are more details on that office building shooting in Vegas the other day where the victim was a hearing advocate for a law firm. Attorney Jason Mills expressed concern about security in and round the building which houses the Nevada Department of Administrative Hearings. [RJ; Fox5Vegas; KTNV
  • Upgrades at the Clark County Detention Center means in about six months they'll start offering HD video visitation of inmates, among other things. [RJ]
  • A reality show pilot about the Clark County Coroner's office premieres tonight. [8NewsNow]

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Nevada Attorney General Election Guide 2014

There is one statewide race on this fall's general election ballot that readers of this blog can offer some insight on:  attorney general. Unlike the races for the bench, this is a partisan office and may very well affect the outcome, but we thought we'd give you a chance to weigh in on the qualifications of the candidates and tell us who should be elected as Nevada's top state attorney. The three candidates are: Jonathan J. Hansen (IAP); Adam Paul Laxalt (REP); and Ross Miller (DEM). Although there are three candidates, this race is primarily between Laxalt and Miller--both legacy candidates who are following in the footsteps of previously elected Nevada politicians with the same last (and/or middle) names.

Ralston Reports has a lengthy piece up on the recent debate between Laxalt and Miller which brings us to three specific questions we'd like your input on below:

  • How should the leak of the Lewis & Roca review of Laxalt affect this race--does his performance at a law firm indicate how he will perform as AG?
  • How does Laxalt's military career and prosecution of terrorists in Iraq affect this race?
  • How does Miller's (disclosed) acceptance of gifts affect this race?

Who should be elected as Nevada's Attorney General?

Monday, October 13, 2014

Columbus Day

Federal courts are closed today in honor of uh, um, yeah, Columbus day. However state courts are open, as are most firms, so we figured a small post dedicated to the working men and women of Las Vegas legal practices was in order.

Here's to you, legal field employee stuck in an office on a beautiful fall Columbus day. Here's hoping that your billable hours are plentiful and your problematic clients are off today!